Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for becoming a sister of Delta Nu Zeta? 

1. Attend Rush
2. Have and maintain a 2.75 GPA; a 3.0 GPA is required to become an officer
3. Complete 20 hours of community service in fall semester and 25 in spring semester (plenty of opportunities will be provided!)

What is the difference between a local sorority and a Panhellenic sorority?

Delta Nu Zeta is a local service sorority, meaning that we do not have a national chapter or a house. We do not pay national dues to any conference or council. Every dollar that is collected directly benefits the members of DNZ. Delta Nu Zeta is currently located on only two campuses, Florida State University and the University of Florida.


Delta Nu Zeta participates in many of the same activities of most Panhellenic sororities. We do big/little pairings, attend socials with other Greek organizations, and hold sisterhood bonding events. Delta Nu Zeta also participates in Dance Marathon and Relay for Life each year.

How big of a time commitment is being in Delta Nu Zeta?

Delta Nu Zeta sisters are required to attend weekly chapter meetings on Thursday evenings. Sisters also must complete 20 service hours in fall or 25 hours in spring and participate in two fundraisers each semester. Service opportunities are offered at various times throughout the week and weekend in order to accommodate many different schedules. Delta Nu Zeta also requires that sisters attend various ceremonies and events, such as Bid Night, Sisterhood Retreat, and Initiation.